All-inclusive Price
Pre-shoot Consultation
90 Minute Shoot
Post Processing of Images
15 - 20 Images
Delivered in High Resolution Format
Unrestricted Licensing


Fitness Photo Shoot

Professional Fitness Photo Shoots

In Ayrshire and Glasgow

If you're in the Ayrshire/Glasgow region you can have your own professional photo shoot for just £100. That gets you ninety minutes shooting time, and typically 15 - 20 stunning images that will really show off the results of all your hard training. If you need a longer shoot - to get more images, or maybe to allow for location or outfit changes - just get in touch and we'll provide a quote.

The photo shoot will take whatever style that you want: anything and everything from chrome and glistening muscle in a gym environment, to hardcore urban grunge; from static poses to action shots. Just tell us what you want and we'll deliver, with professional lighting, top notch photography and digital editing.

Your photos will be delivered as full resolution digital downloads, so you can use them for big poster-sized prints, show them off on your Facebook page or web site, or use them to promote your business if you're a personal trainer.​

All-inclusive 90 Minute Shoot 



Pre-shoot consultation 
Via email

Shoot Planning
Poses, lighting and angles are planned up front so that we can work efficiently during your shoot; this means more photographs for you! 

A 90 Minute Photo Shoot
A photographer and female assistant will be present.

Involvement During the Shoot
You will be shown the images as they are taken so that your preferences can be fed back into the creative process.

Post Processing of the Best Images
The precise number varies with shot preparation time, the type of shots you want etc. However, I would normally expect to deliver at least 15 - 20 quality shots.

Delivery of the images in high resolution digital format

Unrestricted Licensing
You are welcome to use your images however you please, with no additional licensing cost.

Who are Fitness Photo Shoots Suitable For?

Anyone and everyone! Whether you're a professional bodybuilder, fitness model - or just someone that's got into shape for a holiday - we'll put you at ease and work with you to get your dream photographs. Don't be put off if you're not as sculpted as a professional fitness model; we'll find your best features and use lighting and poses that will accentuate them.

Need Help Getting in Shape?

Whether you need a bit of expert advice for your final 'peak week' preparation or a complete 'transformation' training package to give you the body of your dreams, we have a small number of Glasgow and Ayrshire based professionals specializing in everything from modeling to bodybuilding that we know can help you. Browse our list, or drop me a line and I'll help you figure out which one is best suited to your needs.

Where Will the Shoot Take Place?

The shooting location depends largely upon the type of images you want. For indoor shoots we have a number of gyms in Ayrshire and Glasgow to chose from, or we may even be able to use your regular gym. Please note that if there are any parking charges, travel or entry fees, then they will be added to the final cost. 

Preparing For Your Shoot

Obviously how you prepare will depend hugely on what style of shots you want and how you train, but there are some useful tips in the following articles that are relevant to a number of fitness disciplines.

Don't stress over the 'shot list' aspect however; if you have specific shots in mind that's great, but equally it's fine if you'd prefer us to provide suggestions for poses and so on - please just let us know your requirements in plenty of time before the shoot!

We aren't all born with the genetics to become supermodels or elite athletes, but training and eating the right way makes all the difference. Haven't you ever wondered what YOU could achieve if you had access to the same training and know-how as the 'elites'?

Have you ever looked at images of fitness models and athletes and thought "I'd like to look like that"?

"Photos are insane, amazing! You done amazing job! I'm so so happy with results!

That's why I always like to do shoots with you as I feel so comfortable and enjoying it and I know I will get great photos as you are top class!"


OMG Paul!  I am literally soooo happy with them! They are even better than I expected!

I can't thank you and Susan enough! These have literally made my year. I look forward to doing another shoot with you guys in the future!


"Ohhhhh myyyy goood GOD!! I love them!!"


Female Fitness Model - White Top