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Product Shots From £5*

*Minimum order £60

Commercial - £60** p/h


What Type of Shots Will Work Hardest For You?

Whether you need truly clean white-back shots, shots with a variety of background and lighting styles or your products or employees photographed in a lifestyle setting we have the equipment and expertise to deliver.

Where appropriate we can match our photography style to your brand, your website or even existing shots to give a seamless, high quality impression.

A close-up of a small item may reveal defects such as scratches, chips and imperfections that are normally hidden. In such cases we can use our digital retouching skills to eliminate the blemishes from the final image. The addition of simple effects such as reflections and fades can also help to further increase the appeal of an item.

Some products are at their most attractive when shown in the context of their intended use. This may require the use of additional props, a specific location and possibly live models, but the result is usually well worth the extra resources involved.

Commercial Photography

Visitors form an opinion about your business the instant they land on your page; good photographs play a huge part in creating that crucial, positive first impression.


We'll capture images that convey warmth and professionalism, and highlight the special features that set you apart from your competitors. Get shots of your staff, premises and processes that show your customers what it's like to work with you.

Priced at £60 per Hour

Product Photography

Without the ability to handle your products, potential customers have to rely on product photographs. The more appealing your products look to shoppers, the more likely they are to buy from you.

Virtually any product can be made to look good by a skilled photographer. Don't let the retailer with the shoddy goods get the sale because you scrimped on product photography!

Prices start at £5 per image

Professional Photographers Produce Superior Results

You'll be amazed by how good your products can look when photographed in a well equipped studio by a skilled, creative photographer!

Our studio offers complete control over background and lighting, but it's not necessarily suitable for all subjects. If your items are particularly large or cannot be moved off-site, we'll bring our portable studio equipment to you and take the photographs on your premises. This also allows us to capture elements of the product manufacturing process or to illustrate the high standard of your workmanship.

The Best Photograph Secures the Sale