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Have you ever looked at images of fitness models and athletes and thought "I'd like to look like that"?

Good genetics help of course, but the right training and diet can get anyone into the shape of their life. Some people have the time, knowledge and self-discipline to do this for themselves; for everybody else, a good personal trainer will provide the support, know-how and motivation to succeed.

We can personally vouch for the personal trainers listed on this page; we've seen first-hand how they work, and the results they produce. My wife Susan, who assists on my photo shoots, saw huge improvements from just six months of training with one of them, Eric Pawlikowski, who is now based in Glasgow.

Body Recomposition - Transformation

Susan, age 54 after 6 months training with Eric Pawlikowski

Recommended Trainers

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Eric Pawlikowski  (Masteric-Fit)

Personal Training & Body Composition Consultant

Location: Glasgow

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Eric is  passionate about sculpting and building strong, functional, aesthetically pleasing bodies. He loves working with motivated people and giving them self-belief, emotional support and the science-based tools they need to turn them into the best version of themselves. 

Qualifications and Experience


  • CYQ  Level 3 Advanced Personal Training​

  • IFBB Fitness and Bodybuilding Instructor/coach​

  • NESTA  Certified Biomechanics Specialist

  • Black Belt in Ju Jitsu

  • Black Belt in Kali Arnis Eskrima

  • 46 Fights in Muay Thai

  • Competitive Natural Bodybuilder

  • Keen Interest in Calisthenics


What Eric's Clients Say

"Eric will push you to the extreme to get the best possible results with every session, but you always enjoy it and it soon becomes clear that Eric knows exactly how far he can push without going too far." - Rick Sharp

"Never did I imagine that one person could change your life in so many ways. Eric has not only changed how I look physically but deserves so much recognition for how he has helped me both mentally and emotionally too." - Morgan McKenna

Eric's Own Training Interests


Eric's own training passion is bodybuilding; he competes at national level (placed second and third last year) and is 100% natural (i.e. does not use drugs to build muscle or drop fat levels).  He also believes the human body should be functional and complements his hypertrophy training with calisthenics. Whether your preference is to look sexy, sophisticated or a kick-ass athlete he knows how to get you there. 

Andy Banks

Personal Trainer / Strength & Conditioning Coach

Location: Kilmarnock

Web Site:

Telephone : 07580 054549

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I trained at the gym Andy works in for over 3 years and got to know him well. I was always impressed by his intelligent, highly professional approach and refusal to blindly follow fads.


Andy has the knowledge and experience required to get people into top notch shape for a photo shoot, having won 3rd place in his very first Physique competition. When I contacted him to ask if he was happy to be recommended he jumped at it saying "I would be well game for that. Definitely would enjoy getting people in photo shoot shape and I have the know how" - he certainly does; his own photos are testament to that!

What His Clients Say

"Can't fault this guy. Takes no prisoners and that's what l need. Loved every hard session. Organised and knows what he is doing. Best decision l ever made. Best trainer l have had. Recommended 100%" - Julie Thompson

"Andy is great PT i would highly recommend him, he gives you great encouragement and strength, he also gives you great advice and tells you where you could improve and where to go next. Going out my comfort zone Andy made me feel at ease and very friendly." Rebecca Welden

Qualifications and Experience

  • Honours Degree in Strength and Conditioning

  • Level 3 Personal Training

  • 3rd Place UKDFBA Mens Physique 2017

  • 555kg Powerlifting Total

  • 190kg Squat

  • 235kg Deadlift

  • 130kg Bench

Andy's Own Training Interests

Andy's main passion is powerlifting with bodybuilding a close second, so he's another trainer that will get you strong AND looking good. Andy is a natural athlete (drug free).